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Differences may be caused by local circumstances or reception.

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‘PyeongChang is the host city of International children winter game 2022’

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    The international children’s winter games (ICWG) is an International Olympic Committee sanctioned event held every year where children from cities around the world.
    Since it has founded the international children’s games in 1968 with the aim of promoting peace and friendship through sports to the world’s youth, 62 games were completed included 54 summer games and 8 winter games.
    PyeongChang is the world’s greatest celebration of winter sports from Pyeongchang Olympic game 2018. We are now fully prepared for fierce competition of the world’s finest winter sports events with existing venues, the best environment and system.
    The International Children’s Games are geared toward friendly competition and international cultural diversity.
    Athletes will have the opportunity to mingle with many children between the ages of 12 and 15 from cities around the world in an enriching environment of cultural exchange at PyeongChang.
    People who wants spread peace and friendship, is warmly invited into the International Children’s Games at ICWG PyeongChang 2022 We will be ready for you at PyeongChang! Thanks you.
    Mayer of PyeongChang
  • Mayer of PyeongChang