Period : 2022. 02. 18 ~ 02. 23


Differences may be caused by local circumstances or reception.

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Cross-Country skiing


Cross-Country skiing

Cross-Country Skiing is the oldest type of skiing. It emerged from a need to travel over snow-covered terrain, often called as marathon of skiing. Skiers propel themselves either by striding forward (classic style) or side-to-side in a skating motion. (skating style) There are free, classic, sprint and relay event in general.

Description of the Events Girl’s and Boy’s Classic 2x1.75Km
-Athlete use classic techique skiing for whole course.

Girl’s 0.8km and Boy’s 1km sprint
-Each athlete start with 15 seconds interval, top 30 get into semi-final.
Relay Mixed team (free technique) 4x1.75km(Each team ideally consists of 2 boys and 2 girls from different delegations. There is at least one female competitor in each team.)
– Each city may enter a maximum of 2 boys and 2 girls. The teams will be mixed by gender and cities and will be chosen by a random algorithm.

Introductionof the Venue

  • Alpensia Cross-country centre
  • Capacity 15,000/ LED lighting system/ Renovated at 2009
  • Facilities, course: A course and B course consist of 2Km, 2.5Km 3.75Km 3.3Km
  • Width: 8m
  • Vertical: 54 m (Start 805m, Finish 751m)