Period : 2022. 02. 18 ~ 02. 23


Differences may be caused by local circumstances or reception.

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Freestyle skiing


프리스타일 스키

Freestyle skiing combines speed, showmanship and the ability to perform aerial manoeuvres whilst skiing. It has arial, mogul, skicross, halfpipe and slopestyle events.

Description of the Events Mogul
-20 competitors from 1st quilification round will advance to final and in the final.
-Performance will be graded by 7 judges, turn for 5 and jump for 2 judges.

Ski Cross Mixed team
-Each team has 1qualification run and the aggregate time of the first 3 members crossing the finish line will determine the result in the quilification run.

Introductionof the Venue

  • Alpensia Ski Resort 700
  • ALPHA Length 648m/Vertical Drop 78m/Gradient Avg 6.9%/Area 32,481m2
  • BRAVO Length 1,351m/Vertical Drop 194m/Gradient Avg 8.6%/Area 49,115m2
  • CHARLIE Length 374m/Vertical Drop 194m/Gradient Avg 21.1%/Area 13,794m2
  • DELTA Length 634m/Vertical Drop 170m/Gradient Avg 16.5%/Area 12,990m2
  • ECHO Length 763m/Vertical Drop 194m/Gradient Avg 15.9%/Area 43,110m2
  • FOXTROT Length 826m/Vertical Drop 194m/Gradient Avg 14.4%/Area 26,158m2