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Fine dust-㎍/㎥

Ultrafine dust-㎍/㎥

Differences may be caused by local circumstances or reception.

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Ice hockey

Ice hockey

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a sport where two teams faceoff and up to five players may skate on the ice at one time for each team. Normally the goaltender is used as their sixth on-ice player. The teams compete to score a goal into their opponent’s net to score points.

Description of the Events Boy and Girl 8-team tournament.
Each team may enter a minimum of 13
Boys or Girls and maximum of 17
The game consists of three 15 minute periods.
There is a 10 minute time out between each period.

Introductionof the Venue

  • Gangneung Hockey centre
  • Ice hockey stadium at 2018 winter olympic game.
  • 3 level size Building
  • Max height: 33.35m
  • Metal panel, Low-E Pair Glass Exterior
  • Ice link: 60m x 30 m
  • Capacity: 10,009