Period : 2022. 02. ~


Fine dust-㎍/㎥

Ultrafine dust-㎍/㎥

Differences may be caused by local circumstances or reception.

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Snowboard Snowboarding is a recreational activity and sport that involves descending a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard attached to a rider's feet. Snowboard combines elements of surfing, skateboarding, and skiing. 

Description of the Events Parallel Giant Slalom
-it will have three runs to decide winners.
-In the qualification, one by one will come down from the blue and red courses and record a combined, of which 16 athletes will advance to the final.

Snowboard Cross
-Each group consists of 4 athletes competes typically as time trial followed by a knock-out tournament.

Introductionof the Venue

  • Alpensia Ski Resort 700
  • ALPHA Length 648m/Vertical Drop 78m/Gradient Avg 6.9%/Area 32,481m2
  • BRAVO Length 1,351m/Vertical Drop 194m/Gradient Avg 8.6%/Area 49,115m2
  • CHARLIE Length 374m/Vertical Drop 194m/Gradient Avg 21.1%/Area 13,794m2
  • DELTA Length 634m/Vertical Drop 170m/Gradient Avg 16.5%/Area 12,990m2
  • ECHO Length 763m/Vertical Drop 194m/Gradient Avg 15.9%/Area 43,110m2
  • FOXTROT Length 826m/Vertical Drop 194m/Gradient Avg 14.4%/Area 26,158m2